Friday, April 25, 2008

What type of Journal are you? Life without suffixes

While waiting downtown Seattle to catch the bus, my fellow classmate and I discussed our most recent journal writing assignment. It just so happened that a gentleman passing by eavesdropped into our conversation thinking we were talking about journalism. The ensuing conversation was hilarious and poignant.

Friend and I Talking...
blah blah blah...Did you finish your journal?

Man on Street (hopped up on something, dazed by something else): Hey so are you like a journal? I mean what kind of journal are you?

Me: Well, um, what do you mean?

Man on Street: What kind of journal are you?
(meaning what kind of journalist are you?)

Me: I write but I'm not a journalist. I just write for school and for fun.

Man on Street: Oh well, like, I'm taking a journal class at North Seattle College. Man, you're probably way ahead of me.

Me: Well, I don't know about that...

Man on Street: You know...just remember, just remember (pointing to his heart and smiling without his front teeth) it has to come from here. Not here (his head).

Me: Okay, thanks. Have a good day...

Man on Street: Yeah man. I'm Don. (utters some sort of blessing)

Me: Nice to meet you Don, I'm Alison.

Life without suffixes is entertaining. Obviously this man had a whole lot of issues but I was blessed by his passionate engagement and bright smile. Life is surprising. What type of journal am I? What type of journal are you? This guy was on to something, we truly are journals. We are each full of stories waiting to be read, stories that are hiding, and stories still being written. Most importantly, we are part of a much bigger journal whose main theme is redemption. It's called the bible. Woohooo. by the way my b key is broken so I have to cut and paste that letter everytime so the word bible is not capitalized. I am sorry!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Spring Trek to the Washington Coast

Enjoy a little bit of our hike with the dogs. My friend Cassie and I were the only one's on the trail (for good reason if you play the video.) I loved it because it reminded me of portaging in the boundary waters bugs and all. It was "hatching" season for hoards of water bugs and mosquitoes. Our feet were cold but the view was well worth it and we were the only people on the beach. We even jumped in the pacific and submerged ourself completely...twice! It was cold. The dogs had a blast and were soooo worn out by the end of the day, we were too. This little getaway was only a 24-hour time frame although it felt like a couple day vacation. We made a campfire the night before, slept outside, ate amazing donuts for breakfast, then hiked a lot, got a little lost, got muddy, laid in the sun, ran on the sand, and watch spike and jag frolic. A good day if you ask me, despite lacking the "10" essentials including lunch and a map (not suggested!). And I got to wear my awesome hat :)

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My Family Vacation

Yes, you may laugh loudly. Please do.
Don't worry, the weapons and money are fake.
Left to Right: Mom, Me, Tom, Grandma.

Under the Fries

While eating lunch at this little cafe in Sedona, AZ my Grandma ordered "a salad." This is the plate that she got...Here is the dialog that ensued:

"Where is the salad?" we asked.

"IT'S UNDER THE FRIES!" said the server.

"oh." We laughed.

Iceberg lettuce under fries and a burger. So classic (unfortunately).