Friday, May 16, 2008


I like the smell of summer. I can tell it’s here when the heat conjures the musty molecules too heavy to rise in the cold winter months. Those molecules that lie dormant in my carpet and closets and basements and garages. Plants and trees also tell me summer arrived as I walk past their blossoms and do a double take with my nose…Really, that tree smells that good? Whoa. The lilacs are just beginning to bloom as well. This means my walks around the neighborhood will be interrupted by quick stops to breath in their fleeting fragrances. The cherry trees announced the arrival of spring a while ago with their crazy pink blooms. Now they mock winter’s snows by dropping their petals like a mid-December dusting. Except it’s pink. My neighbors even use their leaf blowers to clean up what I would dub a “party favor” for spring’s arrival. My next favorite tree is what I call the “wedding tree.” I don’t know the proper name, but they are short trees trimmed so that their long branches full of white or pink blossoms fall to the ground. They look like they should line a bride’s wedding isle. Their flowers are nature’s way of welcoming the wedding season I think.
Looking forward to roses, drinking beer on my back porch, and warm summer nights,
With Love,