Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Pop Music and Mars Hill Grad School

In an effort to promote MHGS, many artists have unknowingly used coveted catch phrases of this little community. Let us celebrate the glory and wisdom of these pop artists as we engage the text, culture, and soul behind the music. Oh yeah and the dignity and depravity of all of them too. :)

"Tell me baby, what's your story?"-Red Hot Chili Peppers

"I'm bringing sexy back." J.T. ( I think Allender coined this one a long time ago)

"Wake me up when September ends" -Greenday (Directed toward first-term students)

"Are we demented or am I disturbed?
The space that's in between insane and insecure
Oh therapy, can you please feel the void?
Am I retarded or am I just overjoyed
Nobody's perfect and I stand accused
For lack of a better word, and that's my best excuse" Another Greenday that you can think about for yourself

"Everyone knows I'm in over my head, over my head" The Fray

"L O L O L O L O V E. L O L O L O L O V E" -Ashley Simpson, Did you snag a copy of Faith, Hope, and Love Lecture notes?

More to be added later...And also not pop music and Mars Hill Grad School

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Me and My Boys

Abhrams and Rascal

The dog yard and Conan, aka smiley

A Typical Training Day

6:15 am: Wake up to water truck rumbling directly outside my window followed by approximately 100 excited dogs. No alarm clock needed. Put on lots of layers, put water on stove, put sugary hot beverage mix in mug. 6:30 am: Harness dog teams, hook up to fourwheeler, run around loop (see pic). 9:00 am: Finish loops, water, feed, and scoop poop. 11:00 am finish chores for the day, spend about half an hour or so petting the dogs, taking care of the puppies, and playing with the pups. That's the usual without extravagant details. Afternoons consist of taking a nap, heading to town, working out, talking with my fellow awsome coworkers, making lunch, and playing with the dogs some more. In the evening we continue to chill, feed the dogs again, and watch the Colbert Report & the Daily Show. The Scdoris' watch it almost everynight and so I've joined the bandwagon. Quite entertaining and informative...Bedtime arrives around 9:00 or 10:00. The only thing that sucks is waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom outside. The stars are gorgeous, but peeing is cold. I like the desert. It smells like sage in the morning, is sunny a lot, and beautiful at night. Oh yeah, and I get to see the sunrise every morning as we train the dogs and that is also beautiful with the mountians in the background. You've all seen beautiful sunsets before so I'll let you write your own poetry. Bye the way, there are a bunch of protesters outside the coffee shop I'm in protesting the war, it's interesting background noise.

Snail Mail

For all of those inclined to send me snail mail, which I hope many of you will, you can send it to:
62125 County Line Road
Bend, OR 97701