Friday, March 23, 2007

Spike and I

Spike and I finished one obedience class and are working on walking on a leash and the essential "sit." So far so good.

Monday, March 19, 2007

I'm Melting

It has been ridiculously hot here lately, at least for me and definitely for the dogs. The snow is melting and driving the sled is like running on snowcones. Eighty degrees is way to warm for me. I thought I could move back to central Oregon, but then I forgot about the summer. I'll be here for less than a month and the time is going by fast! See you all soon.

Spike and Starla

Spike now has a new rival for the hole, meet starla.

Alison Makes ANOTHER new friend

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Me, Sexy? Setting the Record Straight...

Everytime I show my blog to someone they often look at the picture of me on my profile and either scoff, wink and say with an inuendo Hmm, or ask why I don't put a different picture there. I put it up there because, well I like it. Perhaps it is a bit more risk-ay than what people generally think of me. But I don't really give a damn. Just to set the record straight I purposely used that picture. Sure I haven't dated a lot of people, But I can be a bit more of a muse than you think. And I can be sexy. Go ahead and put that on record.

April 15th Not Just Taxes

It also happens to be my last official day in Bend. My last official day as a dog musher.

A Tacoma Visit

I made a very quick trip up to Tacoma this past week. I loaded my car with a bunch of stuff I had big plans of using over the 7 months of being in Bend. I was going to do an extravagant amount of reading, an equally extravagant amount of playing my instruments, a bit less writing of letters, and of course exploring central oregon. My intentions were much bigger than my reality. So in order to make room for a new member of my family, Spike, to accomodate the large dufus, I hauled a load of stuff up to my house. More importantly, I spent time with stellar people. A few stellar people I didn't get to see, but you can't do everything in a 36 hour trip. I am so incredibly blessed by all these people in my life. You each bring me life in a different way. You challenge my thoughts and actions. You help me know what it means to be loved and to love. Thank You. I deeply appreciate your hugs, smiles, laughs, and honesty. I am glad that you understand my all around craziness infused with a bit of seriousness and perhaps at times topped with some wisdom. I'm like a good martini. And I bet I leave you feeling a little loopy if you have too much of me. Haha.

As I drove onto 705 and looked at the city it was a bittersweet homecoming. I felt sad to know that my time in Oregon is coming to an end. It surprised me because I thought I would feel "happy." Generally a place to me has been about people. But after living in Alfafa it has also become about the space. I'll miss the space down here-and everything that is in the space. Last year I thought I would end up in Tacoma for a long time. Now, honestly, as people move away and I myself change, I am more eager to finish school and perhaps leave the "City of Destiny" for awhile. Who knows though? Until then, I will savor the last month and a half I have here and try to prepare myself for this little call I have to be a counselor. Soon my early-to-bed and early-to-rise days will be few and far between, my eyes will be a bit more red from reading, and the strain in my wrists will most likely return from typing and serving people pots of cheese...But perhaps not.

Most of all, thank you to all the wonderful people in my life. I love you!