Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Rocky Mountain Visit

Colorado is stunning. I had the pleasure of spending six glorious days in the little touristy town of Breckenridge. One of my closest friends from High School got married, this being wedding number 3 of the summer. Katie and Peter are wonderful, and I wish them adventures, love, and contentment. I tend to wish most married couples that in case you were wondering.

I decided after being on vacation, eating donuts, reading leisurely, exploring new geographies, sleeping in, meeting fun new people, biking, drinking coffee in fun cafes, reading, and playing, that I need to go on more vacations! Don't we all. I wish Spike could have come and played in the mountains too.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Kristy and Seth

Beautiful. Congratulations Kristy and Seth. It was an honor.

Mel Gibson's Next Movie

Perhaps Mel Gibson should read the gospel of is quite entertaining. Read it here:
Jesus makes dragons bow to him, lots of wild beasts, palm trees, and more-all while just an infant. Mary is pretty much "ultra-woman," who goes to great lengths to preserve her virginity. Nonetheless, this is an entertaining read. I read it for my New Testament final as an example of what a Gospel is NOT.