Saturday, July 28, 2007

24 hour car camping bliss

My soon to be married friend, married friend, and I headed to Leavenworth for a short but event filled camping extravaganza. A few of the highlights include (in order of occurence):
1. Driving in K.Rob's New, Air Conditioned CRV over the pass and through the mountains.
2. Meeting the elusive, but oft mentioned "Nick and Di."
3. Finding an awsome campsite by a gurgling creek.
4. Eating crepes in a look-a-like Bavarian Town,
5. Drinking Mike's Hard Lemonade, talking, and eating smore's with the campfire going strong.

6. Seeing a deer saunter right by our campsite.
7. Sleeping outside
8. Waking up at 5:30 am to beat the 100 degree heat.
9. HIking to an awsome alpine lake.

10. Laying out on a huge rock then swimming in the alpine lake
11. Meeting Mr. Marmot...we debated whether this creature was a male or female and decided to go with a guy. He was really cute!

12. Purple flowers
13. Starbucks
14. Driving in K.Rob's New, Air Conditioned CRV over the pass and through the mountains. And taking a nap.
15. Arriving home safe, then taking Spike for a long walk and to the dog wash.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Monday, July 23, 2007

Wedding #1

Peter and Kari. Thank You. May you grow together in love, wisdom, grace, laughter, community, and God. Love ya.

riding in a limo, drinking champagne
A. Damn in feels good to be a gangsta..
B. I'm bringin sexy back...
C. She's freaky and she's knows it...

Lake Chelan Triathlon

We are the Champions...okay not really but we can act like it
Mogley wants in on the action too!

Lisa-aka my support crew, and I

Happy after race glow in my cool new duds


Transition 1

I am proud to say I finally got around to completing my first triathlon. I'm hooked. If they weren't so expensive and I wasn't unemployed I'd sign up for more. Hopefully I'll be able to do at least one more this summer. The weekend was fantastic. Good weather, good people, good scenery, and a good race (contrary to last years disaster). I did a lot better than I expected, I thought I would finish in about 3.5 hours. But I finished in a little over 2.5! My total time was 2:36, at this point in my racing career, the seconds are not essential. I got 2nd in my age group. That sounds pretty good, but there was only about 9 females. However, I placed 7th overall female, and 32nd overall. There were only 100 people though, so really, no big deal. I did get a pretty second place ribbon though. I was very pleased with my first one and had a blast. And I didn't puke or die or cramp up so really, I'd say it was a success.

The guys also got second in their Halfiron relay, they too recieved pretty red ribbons.

Thanks to lisa, bean, seth, max, james, mogley, and spike for a great weekend.

I'm a Happy Boy

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Economy Bible

I needed to buy a Bible so where did I go? Where else but What did I find. I found the "Economy Bible" and had to laugh at the description. No, it's not an economics textbook, it's a Bible. Since I have an economy car I thought, why not go for the economy Bible right? I bought it and hope that it's not missing chapters or something. It made me smile. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll upgrade to the "luxury" edition at some point...

No Morphine Button Here

I have obsessively watched Grey's anatomy, yes seasons 1 & 2, over the last month. Maybe it is McDreamy, all the sleeping around, or good quality dissociation. I say that to preface my following thoughts...

Counseling, that is being IN counseling, going to therapy, seeing your shrink, whatever phrase you prefer to use is like surgery. Think about it. When you go into surgery a team of tech's, nurses, various doctors, and surgeons each use their specialized skills to cut you open, move things around, perhaps take something out, sew something up, and then put you back together. Depending on the surgery the recovery may be long or short. If you're lucky friends and family stop by your room to talk and bring flowers, nurses check in and take vital signs, doctors do their rounds, and you get drugs to ease the pain. You may go to PT, OT, or some other type of rehab therapy to return to your pre-op condition.

Then there is being in counseling. It is like having surgery on your psyche, your being, but without the morphine drip. All your insides are exposed, you are vulnerable. There is internal patching up, rearranging, and removing. Like recovery from surgery, recovering from the psychological incision takes a lot of time and energy. Often it happens without friends and family bringing flowers when you hurt. In fact, people around you may not even know you have gone under "the knife." But you feel the shift of your insides and the pain of the incision. You monitor your vital signs yourself and hope to God you are reading them right. When the pain gets unbearable you reach for the morphine; sex, drugs, relationship, food, exercise, whatever eases the pain. Except there is no IV and it takes time for the medicine to reach the site. The wound may become infected and need more attention. Or perhaps the first surgery had complications and required a second. Sometimes it may feel as if you are a walking operating room with your insides just dangling here and there. As you walk by your doctor, you ask with discomfort, "ugh, how long is this going to last? I mean, how long can I stay alive like this?"

Then, in time, you take your first steps with your new heart, breath for the first time with your new lungs and there is life. You exist in the world in a new way and still have some scars. Every once in awhile you may have to go back in for minor surgeries, or maybe even major. But when you recover, you recover what it means to truly live as well. And the morphine button doesn't actually look all that appealing anymore.