Sunday, September 30, 2007

My Theology Class

I have never taken a theology class before and find myself surprised by my lack of thought in this area. I thought that I had been thinking about this, but to my surprise I never REALLY considered the evolution of say "the trinity." In the context of the brillant minds I feel surrounded by I find this quite embarrassing! For years I have been spoonfed ideas, constructs, traditions, and words with little curiousity as to the history behind them. I was not the type of person to spend hours wondering or being curious about philosophy. I was curious about different things. I am grateful for the chance to be curious about theology, to have conversations, and listen to the experience of others. Not that I haven't had this before, it is just different with an academic study to speed the process. In reading my texts for my theology class I find myself just saying Thank You to God. I have a strange peace about me.

And yes, you'll notice the word is spelled incorrectly in the blog heading. It is with purpose. Go back and read one of the first entries. You'll see why.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Next Season

You could quite easily be thinking I am referring to the impending change in chlorophyll, cooler nights, and looming gray skies. But, I'm not. Quite simply I am talking about my recent purchase of Season number 3, of dum duh dah...Grey's Anatomy. Yes, the engaging drama rife with professionals, who, frankly would benefit from some serious counseling. I am, however, biased.

It's these little things in life that make me smile. Like being so excited about my new vacuum cleaner that I post a picture of it on the website. This thing really makes you want to clean. Silly as it may be, I even decked it out with some stickers!

I also had to laugh at myself today for losing the cap to my laundry detergent. Of course there are other options, but instead I chose to lug the 3 gallon jug to the washer, push the button until I think I've added the right amount of soap, and then lug the soap back. To think I majored in Chemistry...definitely not analytical!

Lastly, I love watching my dog sleep. It makes me want to take a nap.

And on Tuesday I start fiddle lessons. Have to get ready for Wintergrass.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Me and the Boys

Say Hi to Max, Mogley, Austin, Koda, Spike, and I!

Wedding #3

yeah, they are was really sunny

We kind of look like speed skaters.

The Rehearsal Dinner...Good Food, Wine, People. I like the scene this picture captures: the many moments in community it represents, and the conversations that echo from it, and the peace found in unlikely spots of chaos.
Congratulations Katie and Peter! Your wedding was amazing and beautiful. Meeting your friends and family was a gift and an adventure. Your friendship is lovely. Thank you.