Wednesday, April 11, 2012


As a kid I remember listening to a radio show with my friends just waiting for the next opportunity to call in and win a prize. On one occasion, yes only one, I managed to call in and correctly spell vacuum. I was elated to have won four tickets to the circus! All the late nights listening and waiting for the perfect opportunity paid off. At the time I had little experience with vacuuming but I knew that it was loud, dirty, and something that happened every week when my mom would clean. I'm not sure how I got out of this chore but I managed to avoid it for awhile. Now, 20 years later, I have a new appreciation for vacuums. With three furry dogs and three roommates vacuuming occurs at a new level. When I find a product I like I often imagine what I would say if I were to write a product review. I love my vacuum cleaner so I'll start with that one.

I've been in love with my Dyson for four years now. I even decked it out with stickers to mark how much I love it! If you are debating what vacuum to purchase don't hesitate to spend the extra money on this dust sucking machine. Investing hundreds in a cleaning device may seem extravagant, but every time I use this engineering marvel I'm thankful to have spent the extra money.

#1. Easy Access Receptacle. Unlike traditional vacuums that have dirty and clumsy bags, the Dyson has an easy access receptacle that takes seconds to empty before you are back to being a cleaning machine. The receptacle easily unclips from the vacuum and just as easily snaps back into place. I don't have to worry about having the right size bags on hand or wasting time figuring out how to secure the receptacle back into place. In the unfortunate event that you suck up some sticky mess it's very easy to rinse or wipe out.

#2. Suction. The suction is awesome. If you like seeing progress while you vacuum this is the right machine for you. I feel accomplished after a each run over the carpet because it actually picks up those stubborn fuzzies, pet hair, and rogue debris. Unlike other products, I don't waste time rubbing the aforementioned matter into the carpet hoping that if I repeat the motion enough times the matter may disappear. My Dyson really picks it up. For those of you in disbelief you can see the proof in the full receptacle.

#3. Attachments. The extra long hose and attachments make reaching for cobwebs, corners, ledges, and other out of reach places. Again, the Dyson stands above other machines because it maintains strong suction in the attachment mode. The flexible hose also makes it easy to clean multiple locations without having to haul the machine around close to you.

#4. Customer Support. At one point in time my Dyson lost some of it's suction. I thought this was unusual so I called the support number. The person on the other line was extremely helpful and solved my problem in minutes. She walked me through a quick adjustment and I was on my way again.

#5. Quality. This machine has had to contend with loads of dog fur, spilled flour, confetti, and of course dust for years. I've had to call customer support once and I've never had any repair issues. Dyson's are made to last and withstand bumping into walls, furniture, and doors.

#6. Overall Awesomeness. This is that special category that only is awarded to products deserving of significant attention. Dyson's are user friendly, functional, long-lasting, good looking, well supported machines.

If you have any doubts about what vacuum to purchase I hope this swayed you to purchase a Dyson. You won't regret it!

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