Tuesday, July 01, 2008

why my dog is hilarious and [somewhat] not that smart.

I just returned from a morning of appointments and errands. As usual I left Spike inside to nap and occasionally get into the random foodstuff container. He is smart in that when he is distraught that I haven't paid him due attention he decides to tear up mail or an easily accessible package of food. With serving, walking other peoples dogs, and then school I admit my attention toward Spike has been menial of late. Which will likely explain the following episode.

After bringing my groceries inside I let Spike outside. Usually he stays close to the car hoping that he gets to go with me to my next destination, even if I'm not going anywhere. Today he decided he was not going to get left behind. Standing a few feet from the back of my car Spike decides to take a chance at getting into the car by launching himself full force into the CLOSED door of my hatchback! All of a sudden I see him take this giant leap smack into the back of my car. His four legs all sprawled and claws trying to grab hold to the roof. Oh dog of desperation! Gravity quickly took over and Spike, a bit confused, planted himself back on the ground and gave me the most curious look-"what just happened?" (in his eyes).

"Um, well Spike, you just threw yourself headfirst, full throttle into a stationary object."

"oh. okay. ho hum." (my ex-roommate does the greatest Spike impression!)

I offered my condolences then had to laugh.

Then check out the paint on my new car...luckily both spike and the car came away sans injury.

I say [somewhat] not that smart because that is obvious...He is smart in the way he will get back at me if I'm not around enough. Generally he finds something that is mine and chews it up. Luckily he doesn't get mad all that often but he has eaten quite a few towels, old pizza boxes, a shoe, a book cover, and other recyclables within reach of his outside cable. Many times I've gotten in my car to leave only to see him go for a large piece of cardboard with a look of "take that ALISON!"

Spike also has a huge flab of skin on his neck that when pulled up looks like a fin. It also can be put into a pony tail. This is entertaining.

Spike knows how to sit, shake (although he hates it when you actually touch his feet so he just puts his paw up and tries not to have it touched), lay down, and go to his bed. The hilarious part about his tricks, however, is the fact that he just knows the behaviors not the word associated with them. So as soon as I get out a treat he goes through all of the tricks at once until he gets his food. I'm not too concerned about this as you can tell.

Successful car entry. Spike as a shark or dolphin. Spike asking "WHAT are you doing to me Alison?"

Generally I don't anthropomorphize animals. Today, however, is an exception. Spike says "hello" to all of you ;)


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J May said...

That is hilarious! Poor guy. Give him my condolences. That is especially funny that he runs through the gamut of tricks before getting the right one.

p.s. I have never seen the proposition 'sans' before (that I can recall). I looked it up and it makes sense to me now :-)